Owen is a four year old little boy that lives in Sydney, Australia with his mother, father and baby brother, Charlie. He loves going to the beach and he … Read the rest

Pumpkin Fairy


Pumpkin Fairy was a sweet, innocent fairy that was in charge of the largest pumpkin patch in the northern section of the county. She was pretty easy going but the one thing she … Read the rest

Autumn Elf

Autumn Elf is a small, tiny creature who can get very angry at times.

“What is with all the leaves falling off the trees so early?” he asked his sister, Stella, who had just … Read the rest

The Lovable Viking

“Those clouds look dark and nasty,” said Benjamin. “It looks like winter is just around the corner.”

“Yes,” agreed Lovable Viking. “It does look that way.”

“The crew and I want to know if … Read the rest

Angry Baker

It was a cool autumn morning. Angry Baker had just got to the bake shop. He wanted to get an early start on the baking he had to do for the day. He decided … Read the rest

Autumn Colours

Colour Kid was walking through a forest in Eastern Ontario. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. He stopped in a clearing and stood looking around him. He was mesmerized by the beauty of … Read the rest


Frankie walked through the streets of Cabbagetown in Toronto. It was a blustery autumn night. He had his scarf wrapped tight around his neck. He pulled his woolen coat tight against himself. 
“It is … Read the rest