Rat Boy

Mother was cooking supper while Rat Boy was looking after his sister, Cecilia.

“Rat Boy,” said Mother. “Dinner is ready.”

Rat Boy sat Cecilia in her high chair. He sat beside her while Mother dished … Read the rest

Anything But Strawberries

Fawn was in the kitchen with Spot. He was helping her make her homemade strawberry jam.

“Taste it,” said Spot, putting some on a spoon and handing it to Fawn.

“Yummy,” said Fawn. “This is … Read the rest


It was a hot summer day. Trickster Bunny was in the den with his parents and his ten sisters.

“That is my hair ribbon,” yelled his one sister. “Mommy got me that for my birthday.”

“No,” said another of his … Read the rest


“It sure is a beautiful summer evening,” said Crystal, taking a walk down an unfamiliar part of town.

“Yes it is,” said Brian, taking her hand. “Look at all the stars in the sky.”

“They sure are bright,” said Crystal, … Read the rest


Allie Alphabet was at her friend, Betsy’s house for a sleepover.

“Do you want some breakfast?” asked Betsy, the next morning. “We have some bacon.”

“‘B’ is for breakfast,” said Allie.

“It is also for bacon,” said Betsy, getting the … Read the rest


Hillbilly Bob was sitting outside on his back porch. He was hoping there would be a breeze of some kind, but the wind was very still. It was the hottest day on record, according to the radio.

“I need something … Read the rest

Garden Gnome

Poor Mountain Mother was weeding her flower garden one bright summer day when she heard a tiny, but mean voice.

“Be careful,” the voice said angrily. “You are getting dirt all over my feet.”

Poor Mountain Mother stopped what she … Read the rest

Apple Monster

In the middle of the forest, there was a lone apple tree that grew there. That lone apple tree grew huge, juicy apples on it. Every creature in the forest wanted to eat the apples from it. The only problem … Read the rest

Travelin' Rick Goes to BC

It was a beautiful summer morning. Travelin’ Rick sat outside on his deck in Calgary, Alberta, enjoying his morning coffee. He looked toward the west and on the horizon he saw the Rocky Mountains. 
“It is such a beautiful summer … Read the rest


“Trickster,” said Fred Fox. “What are you doing today?”

“It is so nice outside today,” said Trickster. “I think I am going to spend the whole day outside.”

“That is a good idea,” said Fred Fox. “Make sure you don’t … Read the rest

Bobby the Butcher

“Where is my butcher’s knife?” asked Bobby the Butcher to himself. “I need it. I have to use it for work.”

Bobby the Butcher looked all over the house for his butcher’s knife only to find that he had it … Read the rest

Calgary Stampede

Hello everyone! This is Travelin’ Rick and I have just been on the adventure of a lifetime. I was at the Calgary Stampede 2016.

The Calgary Stampede is a ten day event. It is celebrated all across the many different … Read the rest


“Scrunchie!” exclaimed Aunt Mabel. “Sit up straight! You can’t keep walking around with your head so low to the ground and your behind sticking up so far in the air. Nobody wants to see that. Especially me, your 87 year … Read the rest