It was a bright summer morning. Mommy was in the house with Arrow. Arrow was getting restless. He was running up and down the hallway at top speed and then jumping on the couch.

“Okay,” said Mommy, grabbing Arrow’s harness …

Strawberry Festival


Sally Bronson lived in a little cottage with her parents in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. It was a beautiful June morning.

“Sally,” said her Father, sitting at the breakfast table. “What are you going to do today?”

“Nothing much,” said Sally.

“Well …

Billy Troll’s Summer Concert


“Hi there, Billy,” said Dianne Troll, carrying a tray of goodies. “I thought that you may be hungry, after all that singing that you’ve been doing today.”

“Oh, thank-you, Dianne,” said Billy Troll, taking a freshly baked brownie from the …

The Lovable Viking

The Lovable Viking

Marcus was a Viking that lived in a far away village, Tara, away from civilization. He was the leader of his clan and even though Vikings have a reputation of doing mean and despicable acts towards others, Marcus was actually …

Master Action Words – Run


Master Action Words was sitting in the park, watching his friends play on the swings. It was a cool summer day and he was enjoying the cool summer breeze that was hitting him in the face.

“Come on Master Action …

Master Hurtful Words – Fat


“Look,” said Jillian. “Here comes Melissa. She has gotten so fat.”

“That wasn’t a very nice thing for you to say about Melissa,” said Master Hurtful Words.

“Maybe not,” said Jillian. “But it is true!”

“Calling someone fat is very …

Meet Missy Opposite

Missy Opposite is a young girl who loves to learn about words that are opposite of each other. Her hopes and dreams are that you will enjoy her adventures about using opposites.

Missy Opposite will pick one word and then …

Meet Master Hurtful Words

Master Hurtful Words is a young boy who wants to take a stance on people being hurt by using hurtful words.

Master Hurtful Words will pick one hurtful word and explain how it hurts others. He will give examples of …

Meet Master Action Words

Master Action Words is a young boy who loves to learn about different action words as he goes about his daily activities. His hopes and dreams are that you will enjoy his action word adventures.

Master Action Words will pick …

Meet Missy Big Words

missy big words

Missy Big Words is a young girl who loves to learn about words that we may consider big and don’t understand their meanings. We may avoid using these words all together.

Missy Big Words will pick one big word and …

Wilted Summer Flower

wilted summer flower

Jen-Jen was outside tending her beautiful flower garden. It was very humid and muggy outside her home. It was also very hot outside. This was typical summer weather for Eastern Ontario.

“My flowers look really good today,” said Jen-Jen to …

Missy Opposite – Opposite of On is Off

missy big words

Missy Opposite was sitting in the living room watching television. She decided to play with her dolls instead. She got up and went into her room, leaving the television on.

Mother was in the kitchen. She heard Missy Opposite go …

Missy Big Words – Brightness

missy big words

“It is a nice summer day,” said Daddy, looking out the kitchen window. “It would be a nice day for a picnic.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Missy Big Words. “Can we go to the beach?”

“Sure,” said Daddy. “We …