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Pea Pods Autumn

"The leaves are starting to turn colours," said Mommy Pea Pod. "I am scared. Autumn is here. I don't want…
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Pumpkin Fairy and the Pumpkin Bugs

Pumpkin Fairy was in the pumpkin patch taking a good look at the pumpkins. She needed to make sure the…
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Apple Monster and Apple Sauce

Apple Monster was sitting under his apple tree eating an apple pie that his friend, Millie, brought to him. He…
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Apple Monster and Apple Pie

Apple Monster was sleeping underneath the only apple tree that he has ever known in his entire life. It was…
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Angry Baker and the Pumpkin Pie Contest

"What is that heavenly aroma I smell in here?" asked Melissa, coming into the bakery one evening after work. "It…
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Autumn Elf Rakes Leaves

It was a blustery autumn day. Autumn Elf was outside playing catch with his younger sister, Stella. He noticed that…
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Scrunchie Saved the Day

Scrunchie Monster was getting ready to go to school. He was in the kitchen with his dad and his 87…
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Desert Kid and the Desert Animals

Desert Kid was walking alone in the desert area that was close to his home. Desert Kid lived just outside…
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Little Crow Wants the Apple Pie

It was a warm autumn day in the prairies. Little Crow just landed on a fence post in the backyard…
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"G" is for Ghost

Alphabet Allie saw her friend, George, at a local garage. "'G' is for garage," said Alphabet Allie. "What are you…
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Welcome to Reading Stories to Children

Welcome to the Bed Tyme Tales website. We promote reading stories to children. We think reading stories to children is an essential part of every child’s life. Therefore, we believe the earlier a child is read to, the better. At Bed Tyme Tales, we have hundreds of children’s stories that are free for you read to your child. Using the Bed Tyme Tales website, reading stories to your children can be done quite easily. The stories can be read on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone and they can also be printed out as well.

Many Stories

Each story on the Bed Tyme Tales website was written by Deb Williamson. She has written many stories to date, most of which are available on the Bed Tyme Tales website. Deb Williamson makes it easy for you to be reading stories to children every night because of all the different stories she has written. There is a story on the Bed Tyme Tales website for everyone. Consequently, we hope you find your favourite stories to read. We hope you come back often because new stories will be added frequently.

Many Characters

As a result of all the stories that appear on the Bed Tyme Tales website, there are many characters that are featured. We are sure that you will find a favourite character and when you do, we encourage you to come back often to read more stories about your favourite character.