Road Trip Music - The Hip

Arrow and Cutie were sitting on the window ledge watching Mommy and Daddy.

“Mommy and Daddy are acting pretty strange tonight,” said Arrow to Cutie. “I think something big is happening.”

“Really,” said Cutie, shaking … Read the rest

Ugly Sally

We all know the type of girl that Ugly Sally is. She is the type of girl that you love to hate and hate to love. She is the type of girl that knows everything … Read the rest

Blue Monster

Once upon a time there lived a monster in the woods. Usually, the monster was very happy but sometimes he was sad. When the monster was a happy monster he was green in colour but when he was sad, he … Read the rest

Silly Snake

Silly Snake was standing in his den in knee deep water. He was taking buckets of water and carrying them up the stairs. He then emptied them out in a ditch across the road. It was a long, hard job … Read the rest

Angry Baker

The Angry Baker was trying different recipes for different types of baked goods. It was a rainy summer day, so it was a good day to experiment.

“I want to make a healthy, but good tasting cookie,” said the Angry … Read the rest

Unfriendly Alien

It was a very warm summer day and Tommy and Sally were playing in a field behind their house. They both looked up into the sky at the exact same time. They saw a bright white light and then they … Read the rest