Think of Spring


Fawn and Spot were sitting in their barn. They were both bored and also sick of winter. This past winter had been a hard one and they both wished spring was here.

“It is the second week of March,” said …

The Spring Dance


“Dianne, do you have any plans Friday night?” asked Billy Troll.

“No, I was just going to stay home and watch television,” said Dianne Troll. “Why, what’s up?”

“Well the Troll Town Spring Dance is this Friday night,” said Billy.…

Pretty Spring Flowers


“Troll Mother!” exclaimed Troll Sister. “When can we go outside and play?”

“When the snow turns into flowers,” said Troll Mother.

“Well, when will that be?” asked Troll Brother, standing at the kitchen doorway, listening to his mother and sister …

Shawna the Sea Monster


“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Shawna, the sea monster, while swimming in the deep, cold ocean waters.

“Are you serious?” Shawna’s Mother asked. “What is so nice about a cold, dreary day?”

“Mother,” said Shawna, seriously. “Every day for us …


"Ghost" drawn by Deb W.

Francis John Albert, or better known as Frankie, is a very cold, ruthless monster that lives on the streets of Cabbagetown in Toronto, Ontario. Frankie might look very scary with his green greyish face and long stringy hair but the

Pesky Porcupine

“I can’t get down out of this tree!” exclaimed Pesky Porcupine.
“Pesky,” said Fred Bunny, looking up into the pine tree at his friend. “Why not?”
“I’m scared,” said Pesky.
“But what are you so scared about?” asked Fred Bunny. …

April Fool’s Day Wedding


Ricky Hansen was outside the barn cleaning up. It was the first day of April and it was nice and warm outside.

“So,” Ricky overheard Fawn say to Spot. “Are we going to get married today?”

“Today!” exclaimed Spot, laughing. …



“Slow-Poke,” said Mother Duck. “You have to put your scarf and hat on. It is pretty cold outside still.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Slow-Poke. “Do I have to?”

“You already know the answer to that one,” said Mother Duck.

Slow-Poke stomped his …

The Year Easter was Forgotten


In a small village in East Germany, a family, who was very poor, lived in a little hamlet. The father worked in a factory in the city and the mother did some sewing and baking to raise extra money to …

Fawn’s Easter


“Oh Fawn,” laughed Spot. “What are you doing?”

Fawn was sitting on a rock in the field, just sitting there, doing absolutely nothing.

“I’m just sitting here,” said Fawn. “Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No,” said Spot. “There isn’t …

Baby, Sparky and Easter


“What are you doing, Baby?” asked Sparky. “Are you waiting for Daddy to get up to feed you?”

“Daddy’s not going to work today,” said Baby, lifting her head up from the chair she was sitting on.

“Why not?” asked …

Fawn’s Christmas Memories

Getting the decorations out.

“Fawn,” said Spot. “Come on. We are going to help Mr. Sampson decorate his Christmas tree.”

“Oh yes,” said Fawn, excitedly. “I almost forgot.”

Fawn got up from the couch and put his coat and boots on. He was very …

Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas


“I need to get a second job,” said Poor Mountain Father, one evening, after the Poor Mountain children had gone to bed.

“Why?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, just finishing the dishes.

“Christmas is coming,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Say no …