Today’s Story of the Day is “Travelin’ Rick Goes to the Fall Fair”.

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Background of Story

Fall Fairs can be so much fun! For anyone that lives in the city, a fall fair is a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is so refreshing to go to a fall fair.

I love fall fairs because I get to be outdoors and experience life, such as fresh air and fresh foods. I also enjoy seeing the arts and crafts made by the locals but my favourite activity at a fall fair is to see the animals!


  • Travelin’ Rick

Moral of the Day

  • Fall fairs are a lot of fun!
    Example:  Travelin’ Rick has a lot of fun at the fall fair. He brought his pumpkin to be judged but he doesn’t care if he wins or not. He just wants to have fun.

Word of the Day

  • fair – Travelin’ Rick goes to the fall fair to have fun!
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